Think about the downstream ramifications of your actions

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Have you ever solved a problem… then realized you accidentally created five new problems?

This is why it’s important to think about second and third order consequences.

The goal is to accurately weigh the true cost and benefits of a proposed solution.

By thinking about potential side effects upfront, you…

The litmus test for whether your story struck a chord

Positioning and messaging is exciting because you’re picking your angle. Of all the ways you could talk about your product, which way should you talk about it?

Even if you’re feeling confident in your brand’s spiky point of view, it’s important to test your story.

At this point, clients will…

On the surface, this is a story about a 3 year old. But like all good stories, it’s also about the reader.

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Getting someone to change their worldview is hard.

When it happens, that’s a big deal. If you can change people’s worldviews regularly, or even once in a while, you will always be in demand.

My friend Nathan posted a quick story about him and his daughter going to the car…

Get past writer’s block

When you have writer’s block, you can stare at a blank Google Doc or talk out loud.

But those options aren’t ideal sometimes.

  1. Talking out loud: We talk fast. So we say a lot. It’s unfiltered and seems to make sense at the time. But your tone of voice, speed…

Learn the skill of pattern matching

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Analytical skills didn’t come easily for me.

In college, my least favorite classes were quantitative. It was a miracle I even scraped by.

Which is why I was so surprised when Gap Inc wanted to hire me, upon graduation, to be an analyst.

The job was 100% about numbers.


Why this decision impacts everything about your marketing

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There are few philosophical stances that will influence everything about your marketing thereafter.

Deciding to prioritize brand versus performance is one of those things.

This is worth discussing with your team:

“If you could only prioritize brand or performance, what would you pick?”

  • Ask your clients
  • Ask your boss
  • Ask…

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